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Learn more about our team of registered dietitians. Click the links below to learn more about each team member of Plant-Powered Kidneys.

Jen Hernandez RDN, CSR, LDN

Jen is an award-winning registered dietitian, board-certified in renal nutrition, and the founder of Plant-Powered Kidneys. She has worked in dialysis in several states through the United States. She has also worked with the National Kidney Foundation in educating CKD patients to protect their kidneys.

She currently lives in Kentucky with her husband. Jen enjoys playing all kinds of games, taking morning walks, cooking new recipes, and weight lifting.

Jen currently hosts and supports students in the Plant-Powered Kidneys Course throughout the year.

More about Jen here.

Amanda Lane MS, RD, CDCES, CSR, LDN

Amanda is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes care & educator specialist (CDCES). She currently works in dialysis in addition to seeing clients in all stages of CKD at Plant-Powered Kidneys.

Amanda loves helping people with their blood sugar control to keep their kidneys healthy. She guides clients in making the right diet, lifestyle, and insulin adjustments needed to protect their kidneys.

Learn more about Amanda and book a call with her here.

Candace Mooney MS, RDN, CSR, LDN

Candace is a renal dietitian based out of Tennessee. She has worked in dialysis for several years when she realized how preventable dialysis can be given the right support.

Candace loves everything about food! From gardening to cooking and baking from scratch, she will provide clients with ample support, ideas, and tips on what they can do to protect their kidney function.

Learn more about Candace and book a call with her here.

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