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When it comes to figuring out the best diet for chronic kidney disease, it actually is about figuring out YOUR best diet for YOUR chronic kidney disease.

Because despite what you find online, it’s not a one-size-fits-all renal diet plan or program.

Besides factoring in your cause of kidney disease, stage, and treatment goals, it also has to do with what your body and kidneys are telling you.

At Plant-Powered Kidneys, we teach you what to look for and how to personalize your best renal diet.

From our blogs and free guides, recipes and meal plans, to our signature online course and private counseling with renal dietitians, we have a solution for you.

Whether it’s about preventing kidney failure, feeling better on dialysis, or navigating a kidney transplant, our expert renal dietitians are here to serve and support you.

Real Results

Beth G.
New York
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After working with Jen & PPK, my GFR increased from 29 to now 42! My cholesterol decreaed from over 300 to now 139.
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After taking the Plant-Powered Kidneys Course, my GFR went from 50 to 57, and I lost 10 pounds!
Fran W.
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I took the Plant-Powered Kidneys Course and then worked privately with Jen. Over the past 4 months, I've been able to safely come off of two medications. My GFR went from a 43 to a 48. My BUN went from 31 to a 15. And I don't have protein in my urine any more!

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