Yes, there is something you can do to protect your kidney health. Let's talk about food.

About Us

We are registered dietitian nutritionists, specializing in chronic kidney disease nutrition. We help kidney patients like you better understand what you can eat with kidney disease to protect your kidney function.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Care

You're a person with your own needs, preferences, and goals. We individualize nutrition care - because the renal diet is not cookie-cutter.

Concierge-Level Professional Support

You can finally breathe again! We provide high-level support, so you don't have to wait for your next appointment to get your questions answered.

Deeper Understanding

We'll teach you what to look for in foods, labs, and beyond. More than just a temporary fix - you'll gain a new lifestyle.

More Food Means Better Results

Many of our clients and students learn how to enjoy more food with our guidance that gives them results in multiple areas of their life.

"My GFR was at 50, my doctor was concerned, and I needed to make some changes. I enrolled in the Plant-Powered Kidneys Course.

"My GFR went up to 57, and I lost 10 pounds that I needed to.
Jen is wonderful and has so much experience she shares with PPK students. Her style is informative by easy to follow.

"The information is invaluable and will change your life."

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Articles to Help

Do you like reading to learn? Be sure to check out our blog articles. All articles are written and reviewed by registered dietitians and use science-based evidence. You won’t find gimmicky pages here. Just real information to support you on your kidney health journey.

What's there to eat?

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