Are you looking for more guidance about what a renal diet is? Done with all the confusing, frustrating information across the internet from.. who knows who?? Grab our free 7 day meal plan for kidney disease (a PDF download) and start learning today.

This meal plan was designed by our founder, board-certified renal dietitian Jen Hernandez. She knows a thing or two about the renal diet… from early CKD all the way through transplant and beyond.

We get it. Finding a renal diet meal plan pdf or other renal diet recipes can be a challenge online.

Recipes for a renal diet need to include specific information like potassium and phosphorus.

We’ve got you. A full 7-day meal plan for kidney disease that you can start using right away.

Cover image of free 7 day meal plan for kidney disease

It includes all the renal nutrition information you need to know, like potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, and more.

The recipes in this meal plan are all plant-based because that is what we teach our clients and students because that’s what evidence is showing us.

Because Plant-Powered Kidneys works.

This Free 7-Day Meal Plan for Kidney Disease includes:

  • a full 7 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks – all registered dietitian approved
  • Nutrition results for each day of the meal plan
  • Nutrition analysis for each recipe (per serving)
  • A full, done-for-you grocery list to cover all recipes in the meal plan
  • Substitution ideas for different renal diet needs

A whopping 26 pages in total!

Start your new kidney health journey today. We’re here to support you! 💚

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