Our Mission and Core Values

At Plant-Powered Kidneys, we are focused on spreading the word about evidence-based nutrition information for those with chronic kidney disease. We are a team of renal dietitian nutritionists that provide support, positivity, and motivation.

Our Mission

To simplify the nutritional understanding for individuals with kidney disease, and to decrease the prevalence of kidney disease by providing nutrition education including realistic and wholesome lifestyle changes.

Our Vision

To be a key role in first-line defense in protecting kidney health for those with chronic kidney disease.

Core Values

These are the values we firmly believe in at Plant-Powered Kidneys. We use these as a compass in guiding our practice and how we support clients and students.


We believe in our mission. We approach every challenge as an opportunity. Positivity and optimism are important factors when it comes to kidney disease.


Not only is it important for our students and clients to further their knowledge about kidney nutrition and health, but it is equally as important for our clinicians and support staff.


Addressing kidney health takes a team approach. Here at Plant-Powered Kidneys, we encourage everyone to have a supportive team around them for many aspects of their life.


Along with optimism comes gratitude. It’s important we show gratitude in serving clients, gratitude in our roles (personally, publicly, professionally…), and gratitude in our work.


It is an important value at PPK to honor balance in our work and home lives. This is equally important to caring for kidney disease. We promote balance with nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care.


Stay curious. We always look for ways to improve our services, our education, and beyond. This value is important to all that are part of the PPK realm.

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