Renal Dietitian Near Me: A list of dietitian directories in the United States and other countries“Where can I find a renal dietitian near me?”

As a renal dietitian in the United States, I am only allowed to work privately with clients living in the United States.

But even if I’m not taking clients, you may be able to join the Plant-Powered Kidneys Renal Nutrition Online Course!

Find a Dietitian in the United States

If you are in the United States, check out EatRight for dietitians in many different specialties, even outside of renal nutrition. If you would like to look for a dietitian that focuses on renal nutrition, the National Kidney Foundation’s dietitian directory.

Interested in using your health insurance? You can also check with your health insurance company. You can find out if there are renal dietitians in your insurance network. Ask “is there a renal dietitian near me” and while you’re at it, ask a few questions to see what your insurance covers you for with visits to a renal dietitian.

Pediatric Renal Dietitians

Pediatrics is a specialty, just like kidney disease. So a pediatric renal dietitian is ultra-special! Click here to find renal dietitians that specialize in pediatrics.

Find a Dietitian Internationally

Here is a listing of different websites that you can go to to find a dietitian in your country. Many of these are added based on requests I’ve received from people interested in working with me that are in different parts of the world.


United Kingdom





South Africa





Not seeing your country? Contact me and I will do some research and add it to the list!

And don’t forget that although I cannot work privately with international clients, my Plant-Powered Kidneys Online Nutrition Course is available to anyone worldwide! Many have seen incredible results and feel more confident working with a dietitian afterward.