Yes, it’s possible to slow, stop and even improve kidney disease

The Plant-Powered Kidneys Course shows step-by-step how to better manage CKD with (delicious!) plant-based nutrition


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"I've gone from 45 to 60 GFR"

“Thanks to the Plant-Powered Kidneys Course, I’ve gone from 45 to 60 GFR, normalized my BUN, and just feel so much healthier.

I am not restricting foods, but rather understanding how various nutrients affect me and my labs, and how to adjust my diet accordingly.” 

Plant-Powered Kidneys Student

You try to do the right things for your kidneys…

But there’s so much conflicting advice about what you should eat to avoid kidney failure.

Every website, book and doctor says something different.

It’s frustrating to follow the “rules” and not see an improvement in your test results.

Honestly, you’re not sure what to eat anymore… 

And every meal you worry, “am I eating something that’s damaging my kidneys?”

The worst part is the constant anxiety and stress from feeling like kidney failure is inevitable. 

But if you’re in the early stages of kidney disease, I have good news…

You can have a positive impact on your kidneys!

You’ve probably heard there’s no treatment for kidney disease, but that’s not entirely true.

There are lots you can do to manage and even improve your condition. 

With the right guidance and support, it’s possible to preserve kidney function, prevent degradation, and improve your quality of life!

Plant-Powered Kidneys has helped people...

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Get better test results

“My eGFR went up 5 points, 49 to 54 in 8 weeks. All other kidney functions test normal

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Eat without fear

“I’m no longer afraid to cook or eat, I’m excited about it. I’ve tried so many new foods and it is all working out so well“

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Enjoy more foods

“I found a plethora of amazing foods I can eat that are as flavorful or more flavorful!”

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Speak with doctors

“I can now talk to my doctor and dietitian with confidence. Now what my healthcare team says makes sense”

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Understand CKD

“It breaks down complex nutrition information so anyone can understand it, and backs it up with scientific evidence and research”

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Reduce medications


“I was on 2 blood pressure medications, but since PPK & going plant-based, I don’t take any! And my blood pressure is controlled!”

“If I’d known I’d feel THIS GOOD, I would’ve done it so much sooner!”

Before PPK I was I was extremely tired all the time. 

I knew something was wrong because I’ve always been active and athletic, but I was bottoming out and couldn’t keep up.

I thought I’d have to take medical leave from work.

When I found out I had Stage 3 Kidney Disease, I got online and found Plant-Powered Kidneys. 

The course opened up my eyes, it was very enlightening.

I realized I needed to change my diet – and that I like plant-based proteins!

I’ve had so many results, it’s unbelievable how many things changed in just 5 months:

  • My GFR has gone up
  • I’ve totally got off the blood pressure medication
  • I’m not tired anymore
  • No more leg cramps 
  • No protein in my urine
  • My vitamin D is back in the normal range

I feel 1000% better!

If you’ve tried just about everything and it hasn’t made a difference, here’s why.

Most information out there is specific to kidney failure.

Managing kidney disease is very different.

In fact, recommendations that work for kidney failure can make kidney disease worse.

Here is just 1 example:

It’s often recommended to eat a low-potassium diet, so most people aim for 0% potassium.

With kidney disease, skipping potassium entirely isn’t necessary – and can actually be harmful.

That’s because potassium helps regulate blood sugar and blood pressure. 

Therefore, it’s possible to reduce or stop medications that manage blood sugar & blood pressure… 

And instead manage it naturally by eating potassium.

When you understand how to eat based on your numbers, you can safely eat SO much more than you can right now!

From a GFR of 9 to Up to 47!

“In 2018, I had a GFR 9 and low energy. Since taking the Plant-Powered Kidneys Course, I have a GFR of 47 and work full-time.”

-David Frey, Missouri

Even though you can’t reverse kidney disease, it is possible to improve kidney function


Listen, I know the information from your healthcare provider makes kidney disease seem scary. 


But they aren’t specialized in kidney disease like I am, and they don’t know the options.


As a board-certified renal dietitian, this is all I do – and I’ve helped thousands of kidney warriors better manage CKD.

I’ve helped clients slow, stop or even reverse the disease’s progress.

Simple, everyday choices can improve:


PPK students (and their doctors) are amazed at the results:


It’s time to start supporting your kidneys, naturally…

Over 1000 kidney warriors better manage CKD using

Plant-Powered Kidneys


The online nutrition Course for early-stage kidney health protection

On-Demand Video Classes that you can watch and learn at your own pace

Value: $1000

Three Live Monthly Q&A Calls hosted by the renal dietitians of Plant-Powered Kidneys to elevate your results

Value: $1000

6 weeks of meal plans, recipes & grocery lists with complete nutrition & serving information

Value: $150

Bonus “Mindful Eating with Kidney Disease” to enjoy your food more & make great meal choices

Value: $97

Bonus Digital Cookbook for quick & delicious meals all day long – breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks

Value: $30

Bonus Meal Plan & Prep shortcuts that save 5 hours a week & get meals on the table faster

Value: $47

Bonus Pantry Staple Recipes to easily whip up kidney-friendly meals using what’s in your kitchen

Value: $17

The total value of the course is over $3,200

Get started today for just $497!


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Have a question?

GFR went from 49 to 54 in just 8 weeks!

“My eGFR went up 5 points, 49 to 54 in 8 weeks. All other kidney function tests normal.”

Plant-Powered Kidneys Student

How it works

Go through the course

You get a series of video trainings divided into 6 pillars of kidney health.

The videos are short, to the point, and available on-demand so you can watch them on your own schedule.

No more ‘one size fits all’ kidney diet and unnecessary restrictions! You’ll know how to eat safely based on your needs.

You’ll come away with a solid understanding of kidney disease so you can communicate better with your healthcare providers. 

The resources, articles, and guides save time so you can go plant-based with confidence.


Get your questions answered in the PPK Course Community

Bring your questions and get a personalized response from one of our experts.

Our private community is a wealth of knowledge and support! 

People in the PPK community get exactly what you’re going through, so they are there to support you.

Ask questions, swap recipes, and get support and motivation from the PPK team and other kidney warriors.

Plus, you get access for 90 days with extended support!


Make delicious kidney-friendly meals

For 6 weeks you’ll get a sample meal plan – with a complete nutrition breakdown and grocery list!

Save a ton of time by knowing exactly what to make for every meal. 

Plus you don’t have to cook every day – we’ve planned for leftovers in your meal plan so you spend less time in the kitchen!

By the end of the course (including all the bonuses), you’ll have a total of 126 recipes!


Join our Live Q&A Calls every month

Every second Wednesday of the month at 1 pm Eastern, students can join a live Q&A call with our registered dietitians.

This will give you an opportunity to dive deeper into what you learn from the course, and ask some of those super-specific questions you’ve been dying to get a dietitian’s perspective on.

When you enroll, you’ll automatically be invited to the next three live monthly Q&A calls.

"I cannot even begin to explain how priceless my emotional and mental health results are from this course. I can go back to planning my wedding!"

Before PPK I was newly diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy. I have no other family members with CKD.. I was on my own.

I had my blood pressure checked at a work health screening. They told me it was high.. and that was definitely not normal.

My doctor said “you seem healthy” and even said I was anxious about my concerns.

I did feel anxious! But I didn’t feel supported.

I found a doctor that heard me and dug into my kidney health. 

Now, food was being introduced in my life as a complication. I felt a complete loss of control. 

Food was something I enjoyed, and that was totally stripped away from me.

I needed to learn more about the diet, but was so overwhelmed by all the books and guides.

I got online and found Plant-Powered Kidneys. 

The course content was presented in a granular level that was easy to take in.

I absolutely love the community page! Seeing others in there on behalf of loved ones to learn more and support their partners… it is such a lovely community to be a part of.

I’ve had so many results, it’s unbelievable how many things changed in just 3 months:

  • I’ve reduced the protein in my urine
  • I’ve saved so much money avoiding unnecessary supplements
  • My doctor says my kidneys are STABLE! My doctor is pleased with my progress.
  • I am keeping this disease at bay!

The Plant-Powered Kidneys Course is an amazing stepping stone into the rest of your kidney journey.

It’s the best place to start before you do anything else.

This course really was a savior to me.


Get all the training, support & guidance you need to better support your kidneys

Enrollment is open now for a limited time!
Use coupon code LETSGO at checkout to save over 40%


“I now have a variety of plant-based options that are delicious. Very excited that I am not limited”

Sneak peek at our tasty recipes… you’ll eat better than you have in years!

The simple path to a kidney-friendly diet

This step-by-step process is helpful whether you’re already plant-based, have tried a plant-based diet in the past, or it’s new to you.

You can go entirely plant-based or continue to eat meat occasionally.

Each step in the process builds on the one before, and many people notice an improvement in their lab results in just 4 weeks.


The Plant-Powered Kidney Process:

Protect your kidneys by identifying and consuming your ideal level of potassium
Build muscle & repair tissue by eating a safe amount of plant-based protein
Help regulate your blood pressure with sodium & fluids 
Get more energy by eating the right types of carbohydrates
Help maintain kidney function by improving your gut health
Preserve kidney health for years to come by consuming the right amount of phosphorus

Get the steps to better manage kidney disease

You don’t have to starve, restrict or eat the same foods over & over


Plant-Powered Kidney students are amazed at how many foods they can safely enjoy!

Here’s what we cover in Plant-Powered Kidneys

You get practical information that you will use at every meal



The Unusual (and Essential) Conundrum

Potassium is the most underused nutrient in the CKD world.

It’s often over-restricted, leading to additional health challenges like poor blood pressure control, and that fuels the CKD fire.

You will learn the importance of potassium, and how to use it to protect your kidney function.

This lesson covers:
• How the kidneys function, what happens during kidney disease, and how to protect them

• The real reason potassium is important in kidney disease

• Why you’re probably not getting enough potassium, and how that is affecting you

• How to tell if your potassium is high or low (look for these signs)

• Understand how common medications affect potassium levels

• Sneaky sources of potassium sources to look out for (you’d be surprised!)

• How to determine if you need to eat less, more, or the same amount of potassium to protect your kidneys



The Dangerous Pitfalls & Markers of Succes

Protein is one of the most confusing nutrients in the renal diet.

Even CKD experts get stumped with this one.

Next, we review how important and challenging protein can be.

You’ll know what to look for and how to troubleshoot your protein goals.

This lesson covers:

  • What protein is in the body and food, and why you need to get the right amount
  • Why you can’t skip this in your diet, even if you have kidney disease
  • How to measure your progress with protein in the blood
  • Where to find better sources of protein for CKD
  • Get the printable Protein Guide that makes it simple to know exactly how much protein you’re consuming
  • How to measure and track protein in your diet
  • How to know when it’s time to add supplements (and which ones to avoid!)


Sodium & Fluid

Taking Advantage of a Plant-Based Diet for CKD

Salt, sodium, and fluid balance plays a huge role in the kidneys.

And with CKD, this role is compromised. 

It’s incredibly important you understand this to protect your kidney function!

This lesson covers:

  • Sodium and salt (and the differences between them)
  • Signs and symptoms of high and low sodium levels
  • How to determine how much sodium you actually need
  • How to include salt in a plant-based diet for CKD so that you can enjoy the foods you eat to protect your kidneys
  • Fluid balance, blood pressure, and how it connects to protect kidney function
  • The relationship between high blood pressure and kidney disease (there’s more to it than you’ve heard)




Where Many Get it Wrong & How to Fix it

Besides worrying about protein, carbohydrates are another source of confusion and concern for many.

This makes sense, given that diabetes is the top cause of kidney issues.

You’ll get clear on the misconceptions surrounding carbohydrates so you can safely enjoy them again!

This lesson covers:

  • What exactly are carbohydrates (let’s go beyond just the idea of a slice of bread…)
  • How to boost your energy, and the reason you struggle with fatigue (carbs can help!)
  • Good sources of carbohydrates for CKD – and what to avoid
  • How to improve carbs in the diet
  • How too little and too many carbs can be hard on the kidneys
  • What to look for in kidney-protective carbohydrates
  • How to easily eat the right carbs for your kidneys with this printable guide


Gut Health

The Hidden Opportunities in Kidney Protection

Your gut health plays a major role in kidney protection!

This week we dive into the problems and solutions to a healthy gut for an added boost in kidney protection.

This lesson covers:

  • What your gut is, and why it’s so important in kidney health
  • How the gut protects the kidneys (and how it can also cause more harm)
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics (yep!) for kidney health
  • Foods and supplements that support a healthy gut
  • How to get your healthcare team on board with a gut evaluation
  • What to eat to improve your gut (and kidney) health



The Silent Assassin of Kidney Health

This is one of the most challenging micronutrients, simply because of all the confusing and conflicting information.

This affects your kidney health long-term, so set yourself on the right path now for a better future!

This lesson covers:

  • What phosphorus is, how it affects you, and where to find it in the body
  • Where the outdated phosphorus information is (so you can ignore a lot of Dr. Google!)
  • Where to find phosphorus in your food
  • How to understand and calculate how your body absorbs phosphorus (which is different from consuming it!)
  • What to look at for your phosphorus levels
  • Medications related to phosphorus control
  • How following the right low-phosphorus diet can protect your kidney health for years to come!

You’ll come away knowing how everything works together to protect your kidneys. 

 You’ll understand how to eat based on your body’s needs to help maintain or improve your kidney health!

Enrollment is open now for a limited time!

Use coupon code LETSGO at checkout to save over 40%


"My GFR went from a 38 to 53!"

“In the 11 weeks since I took the course and switched to a plant-based diet, my GFR went from a 38 to 44!

Update: A few months later, it’s up to 53!

I feel healthier than I have since I was a teenager!”


Megan Gibbons
Plant-Powered Kidneys Student

"I now enjoy a literal rainbow of delicious, nutritious vegetables at every meal...

"This removed so much stress around eating"

Plus get all these bonuses!

It’s even easier to enjoy delicious kidney-friendly meals with your bonus bundle! Take a look inside…

 Pantry Staples Recipes

This bundle of 16 recipes uses only your pantry staples. Set yourself up for those nights when there’s “nothing to eat!”

 Mindful Eating With Kidney Disease

Guest expert Jen Draper, MA, RD, LD shares about reconnecting body and mind with eating for kidney health

 Digital Cookbook

Enjoy quick & delicious plant-based meals all day long – breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks!

Meal Plan & Prep

These grocery shopping, meal planning & prepping shortcuts save 5 hours a week so you get meals on the table faster!

Enroll now and get all these bonuses!

GFR went from 31 to 49

People on dialysis would tell me,

“I Wish I’d Eaten Better So I Didn’t End Up Here”

When I worked in dialysis, it killed me to meet a new patient coming in for emergency dialysis.

Year after year I met people who regretted that they hadn’t done something different.

It’s heartbreaking to see people come into the clinic, in shock and disbelief that their kidneys failed so soon.

I don’t want you to end up in that dialysis chair.

I decided I would do everything I could to prevent people from getting to that point.

In 2018, I opened my virtual private practice and began helping people with chronic kidney disease make nutrition and lifestyle changes to prevent kidney failure and dialysis. 

I have since helped thousands of people with early-stage CKD – and I’d love to help you too.

Join me in Plant-Powered Kidneys and learn how to naturally protect your kidneys!

"Worth every penny!"

“The Plant-Powered Kidneys course is truly life-changing and I am so very thankful for PPK.

Jen is truly a God-send and I am so appreciative.

This course is an investment in my future and worth every penny!”


Plant-Powered Kidneys Student

"I went from a GFR of 60 to 84. THANK YOU!"

“The PPK Course is a great education class. The first time I did not understand much because I was so afraid to know that I had a chronic situation.

Later, I re-watched the videos, and everything started landing in the correct place in my brain.

I went from a GFR of 60 to 84. THANK YOU!”


Plant-Powered Kidneys Student

We've got you covered with the

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We are confident that you’ll love the Plant-Powered Kidneys Course.

But if you join and don’t feel more empowered, educated, and energized within 14 days from purchase, you can get your money back.

The only risk you’re taking is not joining and learning how to better protect your kidneys.

Is this course right for you?

If you’re in early-stage kidney disease, you’re open to trying a plant-based approach, and you’re motivated to learn more, come join us!

However, if you’re in dialysis (or getting ready to start), aren’t interested in eating primarily plant-based, and don’t feel like improvement is possible – this isn’t the course for you.

Before PPK, our students were struggling with the same things you're facing now:

Information specific to your stage:

YES! For those in stages 1 through 3b, this is the right time (and maybe only time) to take this course! You will learn how to eat well to protect your kidney function.

At stage 4, some people start to experience more symptoms and complications. If you are in stage 4 and NOT experiencing severe symptoms (for example, consistently uncontrolled potassium), this course may help.

If you are having difficulty controlling your potassium levels, you would likely benefit from working privately with a dietitian. They will be able to give you a list of priorities and customize your nutrition guidelines.

We recommend the Kidney Warrior Program, which includes both the course and 1:1 private sessions with a renal dietitian.

Stage 5 CKD is a very fragile state of CKD. There are likely several issues occurring in this stage, which require great care and thoughtful consideration.

In this case, we recommend the Kidney Warrior Program, which includes both the course and 1:1 private sessions with a renal dietitian.

If you are starting dialysis soon in the United States, you will have a dietitian in the dialysis clinic who will be a great resource for you. Dialysis nutrition is very different from CKD nutrition.

If you’re in early-stage kidney disease, you’re open to trying a plant-based approach, and you’re motivated to learn more, come join us!


However, if you’re in dialysis (or getting ready to start), aren’t interested in eating primarily plant-based, and don’t feel like improvement is possible – this isn’t the course for you.

If your blood sugars are controlled at this time and you’re in early-stage CKD, then YES!
One of our modules is dedicated to carbohydrates to help you understand the importance of them, even with diabetes. All recipes and meal plans include a breakdown of carbohydrates.

We have had students report improved blood sugar control and A1c after completing the course!

No, this course includes nutrition details and education for adults with CKD.
We recommend working with a pediatric dietitian that can provide nutrition information and explanations for kiddo kidney health.

While there will be certain aspects of kidney health related to PKD that are covered, PKD has different nutrition focuses.
We recommend working with a dietitian that specializes in the PKD nutrition approach.

This course does not cover kidney stone nutrition. We partner with an amazing dietitian that teaches a course exactly about this!

Check out Melanie’s Kidney Stone Nutrition School!

So long as you’re in early stages of CKD (1-3b), then YES! Even those that don’t have CKD from diabetes or high blood pressure can benefit in eating well.

This course teaches the essentials for eating to protect kidney health, even when it’s caused by a genetics of CKD.

Frequently asked questions

That’s okay- you’ll still have opportunities to have your questions answered in the call. We will also record the calls so you can watch them when you do have time.

This course was designed for adults in stages 1-3a/b to prevent further kidney damage. While those in stage 4 & 5 can also take this course, we recommend working privately with a dietitian to take care of important priorities that don’t have as much time.
Those on or starting dialysis soon are not advised to take this course.
Additionally, those with PKD will benefit from a separate course as there are different nutrition protocols for PKD.

Each week, you will get a bundle of recipes and an example is a fully done-for-you meal plan!

Week 1: 13 recipes
Week 2: 13 recipes
Week 3: 12 recipes
Week 4: 15 recipes
Week 5: 13 recipes
Week 6: 14 recipes
Meal Plans will include full nutrition information, as will every recipe.
Leftovers are also included to help you cook less and save money.
Each week also includes a done-for-you grocery list!

With the weekly meal plans, pantry staple bonus bundle, and digital cookbook, students get 126 recipes with full nutrition information!

Actually, the value of the course and everything included is HUGE. The program is a fraction of the investment required to work one-on-one with a renal dietitian, and we pack so much information within the program to fast-track your learning experience, helping you get results faster.

Most students spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour each week on the content.

Homework can take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on your work and home. 😉

Students get 90 days to go through the course material. This gives students plenty of time to go through the program at least twice from start to finish!

We also offer an extension membership for students that would like to stick around. (It includes the next live Q&A call too, for a very low rate.)

This is a program where you not only learn about a plant-based diet for kidney health, but you will actually practice it!

Homework will include looking at what you’re eating or stocking up on at home, plus a lot of label reading so you become an expert at knowing what to look for.

While insurance will not cover the course, your health savings account (HSA) or flex savings account (FSA) may! Check with your company to be sure!

While we are not allowed to personally review your labs inside the program, we will talk about lab ranges, what to ask your doctor about, and more. You will be provided with a Lab Tracker so you can monitor your progress and note when things are good/bad/funky.

If you really want to review your labs with us so we can provide you with customized feedback and plans, we would need to work together privately.

We will always advocate for private work with a dietitian. But if that doesn’t feel right for you yet, you have to wait a while before seeing your dietitian, or you want to learn some basics first, this is the way to do it. And if/when you meet with a dietitian (or even at your next doctor appointment), we promise they will be floored with all of your knowledge from this course!

This course is intended for those not yet in conversation with their doctor about dialysis.

While you could still take the course to learn more about different areas of a renal diet, you may be left with more questions than answers.

We help people privately in these cases to give the most specific nutrition guidelines.

Yes! Each weekly meal plan includes a full nutrition panel including calories, protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron content.

The meal plan is intended to show you how the recipes can tally up in a day, and we don’t expect you to follow a meal plan. This is why each recipe also includes its own nutrition information per serving!

Not only will you see the daily summary of nutrition, but also per serving of each recipe so you can mix and match recipes to best fit your nutritional needs!

You can email us, use our contact page, or even send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

We do not provide phone support.

“Thank God I found you. After the course I am full of hope.

Listen, there’s no guarantee or timeline with CKD.

You don’t want to wait because it could be too late.

This course is unlike any other because it’s focused on keeping kidney function, and improving your quality of life.

I want you to know it's possible to...

Be energized all day so you can enjoy your favorite activities…

Save money by going plant-based…

Feel good in your body, without feeling bloated, fatigued or drained…

Eat delicious food that’s safe for your kidneys (even food you’ve avoided for years!)…

Stop fearing doctor appointments…

Amaze your doctor with your results, and cut appointments back to every 6 months – or once a year!…

Spend more time with your loved ones, doing what you enjoy most.

Don’t let kidney disease get in the way of living your life. 

Join Plant-Powered Kidneys and support your kidneys in the best way possible.

Register now for the

Plant-Powered Kidneys Course!

The self-paced online nutrition course for early-stage kidney health protection

Join now and get all this!

On-Demand Video Classes that you can watch and learn at your own pace

Value: $1000

Three Live Monthly Q&A Calls hosted by the renal dietitians of Plant-Powered Kidneys to elevate your results

Value: $1000

6 weeks of meal plans, featuring 120+ recipes & grocery lists with complete nutrition & serving information

Value: $500

Online community for real-time discussions, advice and tips from students & renal dietitians

Value: $600

Bonus Digital Cookbook for quick & delicious meals all day long – breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks

Value: $20

Bonus “Mindful Eating with Kidney Disease” to enjoy your food more & make great meal choices

Value: $97

Bonus Pantry Staple Recipes to easily whip up kidney-friendly meals using what’s in your kitchen

Value: $17

Bonus Meal Plan & Prep shortcuts that save 5 hours a week & get meals on the table faster

Value: $47

The total value of the course is over $3,200

Get started today for just $697 $397!
Use coupon code LETSGO at checkout.

Enrollment closes in:


Have a question?

"My GFR was 50... after the course my GFR is 57!"

“My GFR was at 50, my doctor was concerned, and I needed to make some changes.


After the course, my latest labs showed my GFR is at 57!  I also lost 10 lbs!!


Do you want to make the change? If you truly do, this course is the way to go.”


Plant-Powered Kidneys Student

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