The 1 Food You MUST Avoid If You Have Kidney Disease

I work with each client to customize their diet and be sure they include almost every food they can in their renal (kidney) diet. But this is a HARD LINE for me. Even if you have fully functioning kidneys but are at a higher risk of kidney disease, you should still not eat this!

10 Foods with More Potassium Than a Banana

Looking to add more potassium in your diet? Or maybe you have been told by your doctor to limit your potassium intakes. Either way, people often just think of bananas when it comes to high potassium content. They often don’t think about these foods that can make a bigger impact on your potassium level.

How to Balance Potassium for the Kidney-Friendly Diet

Has your doctor told you to limit potassium? This can be a very serious and challenging issue. Learn about where to find it in your diet and how you can get the best of both worlds – a variety of foods with a healthy potassium balance.